Current Projects

Wise Wales is currently working on a number of projects aiming to ensure that students play a positive and productive role in the development of the education sector in Wales.

In our project plan for 2015/2016, you can see our priorities and plans for WISE across the FE and HE sectors. Three of the priorities for WISE are as follows;

  • Working to develop tailored support to all institutions and students’ unions to create, develop and review their Partnership Statement – a quality-enhancing, student-focused document that sets out to foster and develop the working relationship between students and institutions.
  • The Welsh Government-funded ‘Pathways to Partnership’ project for FE institutions, aiming to create a national structure to further support learner voice within Welsh institutions by encouraging self-assessment of learner involvement activities and the creation of a tailor-made report focusing on areas of satisfaction and recommendations on how to improve.
  • The Peer Review Programme is designed to allow institutions to work in pairs to review each other’s practices in an area of mutual interest within student partnership so that they can offer each other advice and work together to develop their work in that area.