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Course Rep Conference 2017

February 8th

The Course Representative Conference is an annual event organised by Wise Wales, and it has two primary aims:

  1. To train and develop staff within students’ unions and institutions who are responsible for course representation systems.
  2. To train and equip this year’s cohort of course representatives.

At the end of this conference, we want our Course Reps to feel like they have been equipped with the necessary skills to confidently represent their fellow students. We want them to know how to effectively build a campaign, to be inclusive and outward-looking in their approach, and to know why their role and their work is so important.

As we move forward in an increasingly fast changing education environment, effective representation is becoming more and more important. Students and learner voice practitioners across HE and FE in Wales are developing engagement and partnership in their institutions, and this conference is an opportunity to share best practise and work together.

What will the conference cover?

Themes of this year’s conference will include:

  • Inclusive Education
  • Value and Impact of Representation
  • Planning and Evidencing Campaigns
  • National Issues – Overview of Engagement across Wales
  • Working with “Hard to Reach” students

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