Class Reps in 6 Steps

Grwp Llandrillo-Menai Students’ Union

In 2016, our Student Union Presidents felt that we needed to develop our class representative training and tailor it better to suit our students. We previously used a long NUS PowerPoint presentation with the students taking notes from the presentation. We also emailed the presentation as a reference to our class reps. The Student Union Presidents felt that we needed to cut down on the information overload! They worked with the Student Enrichment Officer and Learner Services Managers to produce a training guide called ‘Class Reps in 6 Steps’.


The ‘Class Reps in 6 Steps’ is a 3 page document that we incorporate in our class rep training sessions. The training guide explains the role of the class rep, includes examples of issues that may arise, explains course team meetings, explains Learner Panel meetings and has contact information in case of any queries. During our class rep training sessions, the class reps refer to our training guide and are also given further examples of scenarios and a Q&A session. Our training guide is emailed to all of our class reps and is available on our learner portal. The benefits of our training guide is that it is clear and concise reminder of the role and duties of the class reps and is available instantly to the class reps on learner portal.

Read the guide here: