Partnership Statements

Wise Wales wants to put partnership at the heart of the higher and further education sectors in Wales. We want to encourage and develop an environment that makes students active participants in their learning process, rather than passive participants of knowledge. This means more than just listening to students, but fostering a relationship between students and staff together set the priorities and direction of the learning experience.

Partnership statements form a key aspect of developing this relationship. A student-facing document, students and staff will engage in an open forum will map out how this partnership will work, capturing the views of a diverse student body and agreeing joint priorities. It is important that this partnership is kept under review, maintaining core principles as elected representative and staff teams change over time. This partnership agreement will be supplementary to an annual charter, allowing for agreed principles and partnership structures to continue to be at the core of the staff-student relationship as it develops and changes.

During 2015/16 Wise Wales has been offering tailored support to all institutions and students’ unions to create, develop and/or review their partnership statements. This work will continue in 2016/17, giving more institutions the opportunity to access this support.

Click here for an example of Student Partnership Statment