Being a Course Rep

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At universities and colleges up and down Wales, course and student representatives are being selected and trained to ensure that both students and the institutions they attend are able to work together, putting learner voice at the heart of the development of the education sector in Wales.

Being a representative of your fellow students is a hugely important task. Wise Wales is here to make sure that both students and institutions know how to manage the partnership effectively, and we will be hosting events and training representatives through the year to make sure that our universities, colleges and sector as a whole are working together as effectively as possible. 

Key Date
Course Rep Conference – 8th February

In early 2017, we will host a conference aimed at course representatives and the staff who support them. Workshops will focus on developing course representatives’ skills and knowledge, along with opportunities to network and share experiences and ideas. It is essential for the Welsh education sector that student voice is as effective and cohesive as possible, and this is a perfect opportunity to ensure this aim is met.

Wise Wales works with students, learner voice practitioners and others in the sector to ensure that partnership is being practised as effectively as possible. Keep up to date with our latest news and course representative resources by checking our website and signing up to our newsletter at for more information!