Pathways to Partnership for FE

Further Education Project 2015-18

Project Completion

The Pathways to Partnership for FE project was funded by Welsh Government and aims to help create a national structure to further support learner voice within Welsh institutions. The project has been completed with the publication of a summary report and resources which provide recommendations for improvements to learner voice activity. Both of these can be found below.

Both the report and the resources were written based on evaluation of data gathered from interviews conducted at FE institutions across Wales. These interviews also resulted in tailored reports which were sent to the institutions directly.

The summary report below gives an in-depth analysis of good practice and areas for improvement in a range of learner voice subjects, such as college- and learner-led engagement, citizenship and enrichment, and commitment and resources.

The resources provide advice and guidance on ways to improve learner voice, such as implementing Student-Led Teaching Awards, and measuring the impact of representatives.

Course Representative Training and Job Descriptions
Monitoring the diversity of representatives
Measuring the impact of representatives
Developing a Communication and Branding Strategy
Student-Led Teaching Awards
Implementing an engagement strategy
Students on staff appointment panels